LT Supers Hear More Info About Fate of Crown Crest Cemetery

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CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors addressed several items of business at Tuesday’s meeting, with more information about the fate of Crown Crest Cemetery provided to the public.

Solicitor Jim Naddeo explained that he attended a meeting with President Judge Fredric Ammerman, District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr. and attorney Peter Smith to discuss the procedure to deal with the cemetery long-term.

Shaw will be filing a procedure which, Naddeo said, will eventually lead to a hearing regarding the cemetery.

The owners will be served with notice and invited to attend. Naddeo said he expects that the result of the hearing will be that the cemetery will be declared abandoned.

Once legally declared abandoned, the court will then appoint someone to operate the cemetery on a temporary basis until it can be sold.

Meanwhile, the volunteer work parties will continue to meet every other weekend, and other volunteers are coming to the cemetery to do upkeep work as they have time.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling updated the supervisors regarding a roller for dirt roads. The supervisors had asked him to look into renting one, and he said it would cost about $4,000 per month for four to five months out of the year.

Woodling noted some upcoming work on township roads this week. Wednesday ditches along Turnpike from the Flegal Road intersection towards the hospital will be worked on, and Thursday morning a storm drain on Daisy Lane will be replaced.

Code Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner reported that the planning committee would like to put together ordinances on landlord registration, business registration and on foreclosures to help address blight.

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