Pennsylvania Gov. Wolf Urges President to Resolve, Not Escalate Trade War

HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf on Monday called on President Donald Trump to drop his threat of new tariffs that could cost American consumers nearly $93 billion, stating that the plan could backfire and make illegal immigration worse by damaging the Mexican economy.

Wolf previously faulted the administration’s “lack of strategy” on trade.

Wolf has issued the following statement:

“This haphazard approach on trade and the economy has already negatively impacted our farmers, manufacturers and consumers.

“Now, the White House’s latest threats could amount to the largest tax increase in 30 years for U.S. consumers.

“And yet, for all the pain caused, there is still not a clear strategy to resolve the many fronts of their trade war. China continues to retaliate, and the President has made a new trade deal with Mexico and Canada even more unlikely.  Like the markets, I’ve become more skeptical that a resolution is anywhere in sight.

“I don’t believe these harsh tariffs on Mexico will curb illegal immigration. By damaging Mexico’s economy further, the plan risks doing the opposite and driving struggling individuals across the border.

“It is time to end the chaos. I urge President Trump to drop this new threat, avoid raising costs for U.S. consumers, and focus on negotiating and resolving all fronts of his trade war. It is time to put the politics aside and focus on delivering the better trade deals that were promised.”

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