Couple Charged for Allegedly Using Drugs During Teenage Son’s Birthday Party

DUBOIS – Two people are facing charges for allegedly using drugs during their 15-year-old son’s birthday party.

State police charged Sarah Ann Torrell, 33, of Rockton and Mark Andrew Hartzfeld, 35, of Luthersburg with 11 misdemeanor counts each of conspiracy, corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children in relation to a party at a Luthersburg residence on Jan. 18.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, an investigation began after a school resource officer contacted police regarding a photo one of the students took at the party. The photo showed a trash can with bloody tissues and opened alcohol swabs.

When Hartzfeld was questioned, he said they had a party for his 15-year-old son that included eight or nine children plus three of Hartzfeld’s other children. Most of the kids were picked up by Torrell in DuBois, but a few were dropped off by their parents. The children stayed all night.

He reportedly admitted that he and Torrell went into a bathroom and “shot up” with about half a gram of methamphetamine. He stated that when they left the bathroom, some of the children went in there.

Hartzfeld also admitted that some of the children were smoking marijuana. When he asked Torrell about it, he claimed she stated she purchased it and gave it to their son, the complaint says.

Several of the guests were questioned about the party. Many of the teens admitted to smoking marijuana using a gravity bong, and some stated it was provided by Torrell.

A few others explained they had to wait a long time to use a bathroom because Torrell and Hartzfeld were in it.

When they came out, one of the girls saw the bloody tissues and alcohol wipes in the trash and took the photo.

This girl also told police that when they came out, Hartzfeld’s shirt sleeves were pulled up and Torrell was trying to hide red tubes by her side.

One of the victims who arrived later said he could smell cigarettes and marijuana when he entered the house.

He told police his friend’s parents “looked unwell and messed up.”

This teen was angry that his friend lied to him by saying there would not be cigarettes and drugs at the party.

He explained that he wanted to leave the party but they wouldn’t give him a ride home, and his mother was at work.

Hartzfeld and Torrell’s son reportedly told investigators that he did smoke marijuana with the others.

He claimed he purchased the drug from a random man at Sheetz while his mother was picking up some of his friends. He agreed that his father did drugs, but denied that his mother was using drugs, according to the report.

A couple of the kids told police that the son told them that his parents were doing heroin that night.

In her conversation with investigators, Torrell denied supplying marijuana for the party and stated she did not do any drugs. She said that she “would never get her son weed” and let him smoke it in front of her.

Hartzfeld and Torrell are scheduled for preliminary hearings on June 28 during centralized court in DuBois.

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