Sandy Supers Pass Sewer Service Ordinance

DuBois – A new sewer service ordinance was debated before being passed Monday night by the Sandy Township Supervisors.

It’ll require smoke and other inflow and infiltration testing when a property is sold on the township’s sewer service.

If a property would fail the test, any problems would have to be corrected. The testing will be conducted by township employees, and also be good for two years.

The supervisors debated how much to charge for the testing; what areas of the township will be required to have testing done; and whether or not all properties should be tested.

So far as the fee, the supervisors debated whether to charge $50 or $150.  The ordinance, as presented by Township Manager Shawn Arbaugh, set the fee at $50.

However, the supervisors believed they’d agreed upon $150, so that it would fully cover associated costs.

The supervisors concluded that whether or not all properties should be required to submit to testing was an “environmental issue.”

“We really wanted to focus on our sewage system that we are responsible for,” said Arbaugh.

Under the ordinance, Treasure Lake will be exempt, which is why Supervisor Kevin Salandra later opposed its passage.

Arbaugh said there were issues “unique” to Treasure Lake, as its water and sewage system aren’t part of Sandy Township proper.  Its municipal systems are owned, operated and maintained by Aqua PA.

The ordinance was passed, 4-1, pending further research by Arbaugh concerning the appropriate amount for a fee. However, it was noted that it would not exceed $150.

Also, the supervisors unanimously voted down endorsing and supporting a sewage line insurance program.

Arbaugh reported that Sandy Township’s joint municipal authority proposal still hasn’t been sent to DuBois City.   He said the draft agreement is still being written by the township solicitor.

In a split 3-2 vote, the supervisors voted down exploring the possibility of a joint municipal authority building with DuBois City.

It was noted that city officials made the suggestion after the township announced its plans to build a new municipal building.

Supervisors Jim Jeffers, Andy Shenkle and Dave Sylvis all voted against.  Salandra and Sullivan voted in favor.

It was also reported that KTH Architects has started to design the new municipal building, and the property has already undergone a survey.

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