Throwback Thursday: Taking in the Magnificence of Bilger’s Rocks

(Provided photo)

(Provided photo)

Bilger’s Rocks, located in Bloom Township, is a geological wonder and a site to behold.

The huge rocks are a 300 million outcropping of sandstone that has developed the fissures and crevices that make its passages so attractive to tourists today.  The rocks are located along the upper part of Bilger Run.

The site was used by Native Paleo First Nation Peoples as a camp and natural shelter from the elements as long as 10,000 years ago.

Even today, the landmark attracts tourists and is the site of festival and events sponsored by a dedicated and hard-working group of volunteers who keep the natural beauty alive to share with generations to come. Visitors are welcome.

One photo shows a gathering of young teens or adults just “hanging out” at the rocks in 1904.  Sunday afternoon picnics were common then.  Teens of any time have always wanted to get away from the adults and just be with each other.

Another photo, which is of the same time frame, shows a more mature and stiffly posed group of nearly middle-aged adults. The rocks are looming in the background on both.

Traipsing around and through the rock openings was tricky for men wearing hard leather shoes and women with long ankle length dresses and skirts.   Today, also, visitors are urged to be careful while touring the rocks.

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