Concerns Over Local Cemetery Raised at LT Supers’ Meeting

CLEARFIELD – Concerns about Crown Crest Cemetery in Hyde were raised during Tuesday’s Lawrence Township Supervisors’ meeting.

Arthur Faccone of Grampian addressed the supervisors and said he was told that President Judge Fredric Ammerman had decided that day to turn control of the cemetery over to the township.

The supervisors said they knew nothing of such a decision and Solicitor James Naddeo added that the township would have been notified if there were to be such a judgment made.

Faccone said he and his wife have family buried there and they are concerned about the condition of the cemetery, noting that it is a disgrace.

He said he understood that the workers charged with keeping the cemetery mowed and with opening and closing graves have quit, due to being owed money. He added that a burial is scheduled for Wednesday and there is no one to open and close the grave.

Naddeo reminded the supervisors and public that the most recent owner of record is in prison due to mismanagement and theft of funds.

He said Edmund A. Grenier Jr. is currently serving in state prison for theft, deceptive business practices and other charges and he was the owner of record for the cemetery.

Naddeo said he doesn’t know if that is still the case, but an attorney in Jefferson County has been the contact person.

It was noted that the township can be asked to intervene in the care of the cemetery by the courts, but cannot be forced to do so.

Faccone said he and his wife have done some mowing around the family plots. The supervisors suggested that if volunteers wanted to help out with care, it would be appreciated by everyone with an interest in the cemetery.

In the meantime, the supervisors said they will try to find out what is going on with the property legally.

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