Shaw Library Announces Poetry Winners

April was National Poetry Month and to commemorate the event, the Joseph & Elizabeth Shaw Public Library brought back its poetry contest.

Students from local schools and home-school programs were encouraged to participate in one of five age groups.

The poetry contest generated an overwhelming response with 287 entries received, according to Library Director Jayme Stonbraker.

On April 27, a poetry reading and reception was held to recognize the winners. The 28 award winners were joined by over 90 family members and friends.

The Clearfield Woman’s Club served as sponsor and provided the funds to frame the winning poems, provide certificates and offer light refreshments.

Uncirculated coin sets were presented to the first, second and third place-winners donated by CNB Bank. Plaques were then presented to the sponsors as a small token of the library’s appreciation.

The winners are as follows in each age group:

First – Second Grade:

First place went to Jayden Moore, second place – Bryce Wills and third place – Brytan Harvey. Honorable Mentions were Cheryl Livergood, Holden Price and Colson Foster.

Third – Fourth Grade:

First place went to Aryan Negado, second place – Lydia Thomas and third place – Aeowyn Ramkawsky.

Fifth – Sixth Grade:

First place went to Olivia Gallaher, second place – Haley Custaney and third place – Rae Duckett.  Honorable Mentions went to Cash Diehl, Lilly Merrow and Rex Livergood.

Seventh – Ninth Grade:

First place went to Sandy McCracken, second place – Haylee Mullins and third place – Rachelle Anderson. Honorable Mentions went to Mark McGonigal, Jaiden Weber, Kaybea Boris, Benjamin Leighow and Devonna Crossey.

10th – 12th Grade:

First place went to Karley Petron, second place – Jensen Duke and third place – Laney Hudso. Honorable Mentions went to Madison McKeown and Carley Swatsworth.

The library wishes to congratulate all the winners and their teachers for an outstanding job. All winning poems are currently on display at the library. Please stop in and see the works of these talented students.

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