Clearfield Borough Council Hears About Throwback Cruise

CLEARFIELD – During Thursday’s committee meeting, Clearfield Borough Council members learned about a Throwback Cruise planned for the community on June 7.

The cruise is an event to benefit the fire department, and is being held in partnership with the Clearfield Revitalization Corp. and Passport Radio.

The biggest concern the organizers have is the ordinance in the borough designed to prohibit cruising, which created traffic problems in the borough in the past.

The organizers are planning on people bringing classic cars to cruise around the downtown during the event and hope council will be willing to waive the ordinance for one night.

Activities planned for the evening, between 5 p.m. – 9 p.m., include live music, a chicken barbecue, sales throughout the downtown and chances being sold by the fire company members.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said 300 tickets will be available prior to the event and 150 sold that night. Prizes include cash and gift cards.

The public safety committee also will be making recommendations for next week’s meeting including closing the streets within the Clearfield Driving Park May 5 for the St. Francis Rosary March and closing half a block of Leavy Avenue May 11 for a fundraiser at the American Legion.

Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack issued a reminder to residents to pick up after their dogs when walking them.

He said he has received numerous complaints about dog feces on sidewalks and some business owners have turned in pictures to him, and he is pursuing fining dog owners. Mack noted that the fines are heavy for violating the ordinance.

Agway Property (Photo by Wendy Brion)

Mack also reported on progress at the Agway property. He said the owners have made significant progress and he anticipates they will reach their goal by the end of the month. If not, the borough will be forced to levy fines on the property owner.

Bids for the culvert project on Fourth and Market streets were opened. There were two bids with the low bid from R. Taylor Contracting the lower bid at $52,280.

The other bid from Greenland Construction was for $164,444. Engineer Todd Banks of Stiffler McGraw will review the bids with the intention of council accepting the bid from R. Taylor Contracting next week.

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  1. mirum52

    Maybe the Borough should worry less about agway and take care of it’s own eyesore namely the condition of the streets. Also why not cut the tree down on the corner of Williams and Weaver and open up the road.

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