Man Accused of Following Woman from Convenience Store, Then Kissing and Fondling Her

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DUBOIS – Charges have been filed against a Sykesville man accused of following a woman from a convenience store to her car and then kissing and fondling her there.

Jeremy David Sedor, 42, was charged by Sandy Township police on April 2 with misdemeanor indecent assault and summary harassment in relation to an incident on April 27, 2018.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the victim was at the South Brady Street business when a man approached her in the store. She remembered him as the same man who held the door for her when she entered.

While she was at the ATM, he asked her if she wanted to race. She replied, “oh, you saw my car.” He replied that he did.

She went over to the register to make a purchase and he stood behind her. He asked: “Do you remember when I would see you at Wal-Mart all the time?”

Not knowing what to say, she laughed and said: “I don’t go there anymore much.” He continued to talk to her while she was at the register.

She told police she was confused because she thought she should know this man and felt embarrassed that she didn’t recognize him.

During the time they were in the store, he reportedly touched her back with his hand at least two times and brushed it up against the top of her buttocks in a seemingly friendly and inadvertent manner.

After she finished checking out, he walked her out of the store, which made her nervous.

He told her that “your husband is a lucky man” to which she replied “I’m not married anymore, but I have a boyfriend.”

He followed her to her car, stating “you are beautiful” and “your husband is crazy.” He then allegedly started to touch and grab the victim’s left buttocks. She described this contact as being weird, but he did it in a manner as if they knew each other.

At this point, she said she started to feel violated and shocked.

Sedor then allegedly kissed her three or four times on the lips, as she tried to move her face away. She thought this would make him realize she did not want him kissing her.

He then asked if she wanted to meet and she told him no, reminded him she had a boyfriend and added she had to get to her daughter.

Sedor reportedly didn’t seem to care and continued to touch her buttocks.

He then said: “I have to touch that one more time.” This time he allegedly placed his hand inside the victim’s pants when he touched her buttocks.

Sedor then made several inappropriate comments, according to the complaint.

When he told her to take his phone number, she agreed and wrote it down. She asked what his name was, and he told her Jeremy.

She told police she took the number as a way to find out his identity later.

The victim reported sweating and said she was in shook and fear, as she tried to laugh her way out of this awkward situation.

The end of the encounter was the most disturbing, she said, as he made a lewd comment then reportedly inappropriately touched her outside her pants. He then allegedly made another inappropriate comment, as he touched himself.

At this point, she said she felt paralyzed but finally had the nerve to say she had to go.

He responded by asking her to call him sometime, she said. With this, she was able to get into her car and leave.

The victim told police she felt very violated and afraid.

She immediately called a friend describing the man to her and saying that his name was Jeremy.

The friend realized the description sounded like Jeremy Sedor and text-messaged the victim a newspaper article with Sedor’s mugshot.

The victim identified Sedor as the one who had assaulted her and said she thought he was possibly under the influence of drugs because he was “overly happy” and talking so fast.

As she spoke with police, the officer noted she was crying off and on and commented that the smell of Sedor’s cologne was still on her and she couldn’t get it off.

Investigators were able to review surveillance footage of the incident that confirmed the victim’s story of him following her through the store and they could see him touching her back while they were at the ATM.

They were also able to see Sedor reportedly “hovering” over the victim at the check-out counter where he touched her lower back twice.

In the parking lot, they could see him putting his arm around her back, but the rest of their encounter was out of the range of the camera.

Police were able to see someone they could identify in the footage that they contacted as a potential witness.

This witness gave a description of the man who had the woman pinned against her car, as he was very “handsy” with the woman.

Officers tried contacting Sedor with the phone number he gave the victim, but it was not working. They tried several times locating him until they discovered he was incarcerated at the Jefferson County Jail.

In December they spoke with Sedor’s father who said he could not meet the officers at the police station because he was on house arrest.

In February, they spoke with Sedor who agreed to meet with them at the station, but he never arrived there. Two additional attempts were made to contact him, but he did not respond.

Sedor’s previous record includes an assault on a pregnant woman in Clearfield County in 2016 and a burglary with an assault in Jefferson County in 2017.

Court documents indicate he was out on bail for the Jefferson County case at the time of this incident.

Sedor is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 3, during centralized court at District Judge Pat Ford’s office.

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