DuBois Man Pleads Guilty in Robbery Case

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CLEARFIELD – A DuBois man charged with robbing his neighbor’s residence while he was wearing a ski mask pleaded guilty Tuesday during sentencing court.

Keith John Parlor, 27, was sentenced to 30 months to five years in state prison by Judge Paul E. Cherry.

Police said Parlor and another actor ransacked and threatened a woman at the home, claiming they were looking for money and a man who was not in the residence. When another man arrived home, he fought with the masked men before they fled with the stolen items.

In another case, Parlor pleaded guilty to theft by unlawful taking and was sentenced to 30 months to five years in state prison. This sentence will run concurrent with the robbery term of incarceration.

According to the affidavit of probable cause in the robbery case, on July 7, DuBois City police responding to a report of a robbery talked with Parlor who lived near the victim’s home.  He was sweating while wearing a white shirt and boxer shorts.

He told them he heard a commotion upstairs and saw two males wearing masks run by him. Parlor stated that when he went upstairs to see if they victims were OK, they yelled at him and accused him of the crime.

The female victim told police she was cooking dinner when two males in masks entered the residence. They told her this was a “message” from another man and then they pushed her over the table onto the floor.

One of the males was carrying a knife and the other had a hammer. They asked her where the money was at.

She was able to sit on the couch as they explained this was happening because of a third man and the male who lived with her would know what this was about. They then began to ransack the apartment.

As they were tearing the apartment up, she tried to leave but they stopped her, made her go back into the living room and threatened to tie her up. While walking back, she slipped into the bathroom and tried to shut the door, but the men were able to corner her in the bathroom.

She started to fight with them but the one she believed to be Parlor put the knife up to her. She got scared and stopped fighting.

She told police she was in fear for her life, so she went and sat back down in the living room.

The men then continued to ransack the apartment. Among the things they took was her iPad.

The male victim told police when he got back to the apartment the door was locked and the female victim told him to go away. He heard other people in the residence and broke in the door.

When he first entered, the masked man he thought was Parlor swung a hammer at his head, just missing him. The male victim was then attacked from behind by the other masked man. He started to fight with that man while the other man ran out the door. The second man also got away from the male victim and ran out.

Both victims told police that one of the men was Parlor.

Several items including the hammer were found near the residence and were gathered as evidence.

When police spoke with Parlor a second time, he kept to the same story, and advised them that the male victim and the other man mentioned by the robbers were drug dealing competitors.

He claimed the male victim told him that this other man was going to rob him. Parlor stated he was telling the truth and the male victim was “one of the biggest drug dealers in DuBois.”

On July 9 another officer told the investigating officer that he had an encounter with Parlor on July 7 at a West Weber Avenue residence because he was causing a disturbance.

When the officer arrived, Parlor was very anxious and unable to stand still. Parlor told this officer that someone stole his duffel bag that contained an iPad and other items.

A witness told the officer that Parlor had left the bag at another residence in the area before walking away.

The officer later questioned the people at that residence and learned the black bag was left next to their trash cans.

This witness gave the bag to investigators and they found it contained a Playstation 4, Xboxes, several games, an iPad, coins, watches and gem stones.

The iPad was identified by its serial number as the one missing from the robbery. The male victim looked at the other items found in the bag and was able to identify several other things that were stolen from his home.

In October Parlor was sentenced in two unrelated cases to four months to two years in state prison for receiving stolen property and retail theft.

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