Curwensville Council Divided Regarding Police Car At School

CURWENSVILLE – Members of the Curwensville Borough Council were divided regarding using the second police car at the Curwensville Area High School.

At Monday’s meeting, the council had a lengthy discussion about posting the second police car at the school.

Council member Dave Donahue said there have been problems with people speeding on the streets near the school.

He said there were also issues with people going the wrong way down the one-way street in order to “get to the front” of the line when picking up and dropping off students.

Donahue said having the car there may deter people from speeding.

However, council member Tom Carfley said he was against the idea, because when the borough and the school district negotiated to post a school resource officer at the school, the borough did not agree to give the district a vehicle.

Donahue said the vehicle would not be at the school every day, and it would not be used by the SRO as a patrol vehicle.

The council voted 3-3, with council members Sara Curulla, Harriet Carfley and Dave Donahue voting in favor and Tom Carfley, Rhonda Carfley and Robbie Moore against.

Mayor John Adams voted in favor to break the tie; however, an official motion to place the car at the school was never made nor was there a second.

The council then made and seconded a motion to park the vehicle at the school, which was defeated in a 2-4 vote, with Curulla and Donahue voting in favor, and Tom Carfley, Rhonda Carfley, Harriet Carfley and Robbie Moore voting against.

Harriet Carfley said she voted against the motion because she wanted to negotiate with the district about possibly getting some sort of compensation for parking the vehicle there.

The council then voted to meet with the school district about the vehicle, with Donahue and Curulla voting against.

Also, at the meeting, the council voted to approve Resolution 496, allowing the secretary to complete forms for Liquid Fuel allocations and to apply for grants through PennDOT, Resolution 497, allowing the secretary to communicate with Berkheimer Amusement Tax Collection, and sending a letter allowing the Little League to install electricity at Sherman Field.

In other business, Donahue announced that the borough was approved for a grant from the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources for about $200,000 for Thompson and Walnut Street.

Tom Carfley said the borough also received matching funds from a Curwensville Area High School Alumni in the amount of $2,600 for the handicapped playground equipment.

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