Do you enjoy bowling? You Can Support Mentor Bowl.

Do you enjoy bowling?

It doesn’t matter if you throw strikes or gutter balls, because bowling can be both a fun hobby and a calorie burner.

If you support the Mentor Bowl fundraiser event, bowling can also help the at-risk youth in the community.

The Youth Mentoring program of Children’s Aid Society will hold Mentor Bowl, previously known as Bowl for Kids’ Sake, on April 13 at Clearfield Lanes.

Teams of four to six people only need to raise $50 per person to participate. The more money the teams raise, the more games they can bowl. Mentor Bowl includes free pizza, drinks, raffles and more.

According to Vanessa Snyder, aquatics and wellness director of the Clearfield YMCA, bowling is a great way to get moving. “The average bowler walks up to 60 feet every turn, which totals more than half a mile in a standard three-game series.

“Bowling burns anywhere from 175-300 calories an hour – which is the equivalent of jumping rope for 25 minutes,” she wrote, quoting “The Bowling Universe.”

Bowling can aid muscle strength as well. “The average bowling ball weighs around 14 pounds. When you repeatedly swing and release the ball, that 14-pound weight tones your shoulders, arms, chest and legs.

“Gripping the ball itself strengthens the muscles in your hands. During a three-series game, you’ll throw the bowl an average of 54 times. That’s a lot of reps!”

In addition, bowling can help flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination. “Coordination improves with practice over time, so the more you bowl, the better you’ll get.”

But, one of the best benefits of bowling is an improved social life. “Bowling is a social sport. Whenever you’re not on the lane, you’re usually hanging out with your teammates and friends.

According to Psychology Today, people who socialize even once a week tend to have a stronger immunity, and are at less likely to suffer from depression and certain types of cancer,” Snyder wrote.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your health, social life and community, register a team for Mentor Bowl. Call 814-765-2686 x205 or e-mail

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