DuBois Council Passes Ordinance Prohibiting Parking in Right-of-ways

DUBOIS – On Monday night, DuBois City Council passed an ordinance prohibiting parking in the right-of-way after months of discussion.

More specifically, the ordinance will prohibit parking between the road (curb or edge) and the sidewalk, unless it’s a permitted driveway.

Council said in order to have a permitted driveway, a property owner must obtain permits for the driveway’s use and its construction.

In other business, city officials announced there would be a hearing Wednesday afternoon in council chambers with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to renew its (city’s) noise ordinance.

Without the renewal, the PLCB will enforce noise complaints made against establishments with liquor licenses.  However, Solicitor Toni Cherry said the city really hasn’t had any difficulties.

She hoped that the PLCB would be impressed with how city officials have handled noise enforcement.  Cherry also hoped to receive a renewal for a five-year period.

Also, council reviewed the proposed rates for the city’s public pool, which are below.

Proposed Pool Rates

2018 Discount Rate Proposed 2019 Discount Rate 2018 Actual Rate Proposed 2019 Actual Rate 2018 Daily Rate Proposed 2019 Daily Rate 2018 Weekly Rate Proposed 2019 Weekly Rate
Family $130.00 $160.00 $150.00 $175.00 $16.00 $20.00 $47.00 $50.00
Adult $90.00 $100.00 $100.00 $110.00 $7.00 $10.00 $32.00 $40.00
Youth $70.00 $80.00 $80.00 $90.00 $6.00 $7.00 $27.00 $28.00
Senior $45.00 $55.00 $45.0 $55.00 $4.00 $5.00 $20.00 $22.00


Councilman Ed Walsh said he reviewed the proposed pool rates and compared them to other local municipalities. He believed the city was “very much in-line.” Councilman Jim Aughenbaugh pointed out that the improvements, which were being made to the pool, increased the value of the tickets.

City Manager John “Herm” Suplizio also reported the city will purchase a house, located at 248 S. Brady St., for a negotiated price of $8,000.  He said the house could be “fixed up” and Walsh suggested it could be “flipped,” redeveloped, etc. Or, he said the property could be a location for a parking lot.

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