Parking Concerns Top Clearfield Borough Meeting Again

CLEARFIELD – Parking concerns topped Clearfield Borough Council’s meeting again Thursday night.

During last week’s meeting, council discussed an ongoing problem with parking in front of The Progress offices on Market Street.

Council learned that customers of The Progress have been parking in the “no parking” area on the corner, indicated by the yellow curb.

Parking Enforcement Officer Kimberly Kaschalk informed council that this has been an ongoing problem since the newspaper moved from Locust Street to Market Street.

Customers have been accustomed to parking and going into the building to purchase their newspapers. However, when there are no legal parking spots open, customers park on the corner.

Parking on the corner is not only against parking regulations, but also creates a hazard, making it difficult for buses or large trucks to make the turn from Third Street.

Kaschalk said she has tried talking with people who park there, explaining the situation and asking them to park elsewhere, or even park at the Express Café and purchase their newspapers there, but has met stiff resistance.  Her only other option has been to give the vehicles $15 parking fines.

As a result, The Progress has requested a 15-minute loading/unloading zone in front of the building in place of the metered spot.

Council discussed the request during Thursday’s meeting, weighing the various options. Some council members questioned whether putting the spot on Market Street would be a good idea and whether Third Street was the better option.

Another concern raised was that the spot would be available to anyone, not just those going to the newspaper. Council member Jim Kling suggested they could make it a 10-minute zone, limiting the amount of time a person has.

“They [The Progress] are a part of our community — not as much as they used to be — but we need to work with them and support them,” he said.

Council member Heather Bozovich questioned that option, stating the spot would become business-specific and unfair to other businesses.

Ultimately, council voted on two motions. The first denied the 15-minute loading zone on Market Street. The second was to create a zone around the corner on Third Street. The vote was three to three, and Mayor Jim Schell broke the tie in favor of creating the zone.

The 15-minute loading/unloading zone will take the first parking spot and council agreed to a 90-day trial.

In addition, the parking enforcement officers are to enforce and ticket those who park in the no parking zone. Street foreman Todd Kling will also replace the missing “no parking” sign at that spot.


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