GANT Police Blotter

Lawrence Township

  • Police reported on a traffic stop that occurred Thursday on Mount Joy Road. According to police, the driver – Shane Irwin, 24, of Clearfield – had an active warrant through the Clearfield County Sheriff’s Office; his passenger – James Witherite, 21, of Olanta – had an active warrant through the Curwensville Borough police. Upon investigation, police determined Irwin was under the influence of various controlled substances. Police say Witherite was in possession of several controlled substances and paraphernalia, and a search of the vehicle yielded more controlled substances that belonged to Irwin. Irwin was arrested for DUI and transported to the hospital for a legal blood draw. Both Irwin and Witherite were housed in county jail on their warrants; charges are currently pending against both men.
  • Police received a report about a Protection from Abuse order violation Thursday on Industrial Park Road. During the incident, a 43-year-old Woodland man allegedly contacted a female at her place of employment after a PFA order was issued against him. Police say he also contacted the female approximately six or seven times for which he was arrested and housed in county jail.

DuBois City

  • On Wednesday police received a report from a female who lost $125 in cash at the Goodwill store on North Main Street. According to police, she put an envelope containing the cash on top of a gumball machine but then forgot to pick it back up. Later, the female returned to the store and discovered it was gone. The female also reported the incident to the store’s assistant manager after which video surveillance was reviewed. It reportedly showed a female picking up the envelope and placing it into the bags she was carrying. Police went to the store, were able to get the receipt for this female and then contact her. She said she had found the envelope and would return it to the station.
  • On Wednesday police received a report about a possible rabid red fox in a resident’s driveway. They were advised animals are hungry and in search of food because of the ice and snow. However, the resident said they wanted to make police aware; it was also noted that the Game commission was notified prior to police.
  • Police observed a red Jeep Wrangler parked at Cataldo’s Collision on Wednesday; it was running, but there wasn’t anyone around. Upon a search, police located the vehicle’s owner inside, and everything was determined to be OK.
  • While inside the Sheetz store Wednesday on North Brady Street, a male asked police about the location of the Starburst candy. He was directed to the candy rack where he apparently concealed items in his pocket. He looked up and realized officers were watching him, so he placed the items back on the shelf. He walked toward officers, looked around and returned to the candy rack. Again, police observed him concealing items in his coat pocket; he allegedly left the store with the unpaid items. Police stopped the male in the parking lot, recovered the stolen items and returned them to Sheetz. Police advised the male he would face charges for the incident.
  • Police received a report about a stray dog Wednesday in the 300 block of South Highland Street. Police were able to follow the dog’s tracks to the 300 block of Olive Avenue. Upon arrival, police saw there was a second-floor apartment with its door wide open with the lights on. Once inside, they announced their presence several times until a couple appeared from another room. A male told police it was his dog and that he wasn’t sure how the door got open. Police returned the dog to him.

Sandy Township

  • On Wednesday police received a report from a 43-year-old Punxsutawney woman who stated that while her vehicle was parked at Ruby Tuesday’s, it was hit and damaged by a silver van that pulled out beside her vehicle. The driver left the scene without stopping and providing information; moderate damage was reported to police.
  • Police responded to a motor vehicle crash Thursday. According to police, a vehicle driven by a 38-year-old Grampian woman failed to stop in time to avoid hitting the vehicle in front of her while traveling on Shafer Road. This caused that vehicle to hit the vehicle in front of it that was stopped in traffic. Minor damage and no injuries were reported as a result.
  • On Thursday police received a report from a woman who stated that while she was traveling on state Route 255 in the vicinity of Sabula Lake, a chunk of ice fell off a white pick-up traveling in the opposite lane. It broke her windshield, she told police.
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