Clearfield Borough Residents Reminded to Clear Corners

CLEARFIELD – Clearfield residents are continuing to clean up after the recent snow, but some are forgetting a vital step.

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council work session, Code Enforcement Officer Larry Mack reminded residents not to forget about the street corners while they’re clearing their sidewalks.

Mack said business and property owners are responsible for clearing the ADA accessible corners along the borough streets. He said Thursday was particularly bad, as very few of the ADA corners had been cleared.

Mack also said residents are not permitted to allow sump pumps to drain onto streets or sidewalks. He said a sump pump can be fed directly into a storm drain, or the property owner can tie the pumps directly into the stormwater system.

Mack added that there have been complaints about property owners who have allowed items to accumulate on their porches. He said some residents have been using their porches as “storage sheds,” which can create a safety hazard.

Police Chief Vince McGinnis reminded residents that it is illegal to drive with snow on the rooves, trunks, hoods and windows of vehicles. He said motorists must clear the snow from their vehicles before driving.

He said the snow not only obstructs the driver’s sightlines, but it can also cause damage to other vehicles when it blows off.

McGinnis also asked the residents to move their vehicles within 48 hours of a snow storm. He said this helps the street department when they are out plowing.

He said if residents know a large storm is coming, it would be even more helpful if they would remove their vehicles from the streets ahead of time.

He said the plows can do a more thorough job of clearing the streets if there aren’t a lot of vehicles parked on them during larger snow storms.

Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott said the crew has been working with a significant salt shortage. She said the borough has 300 tons of salt ordered, which has not been delivered.

She said she has been calling to find out what is causing the delay, but the salt still hasn’t been delivered. She said the street department still has salt left, but the crew is doing the best they can to clear the roads while conserving salt until the rest can be delivered.

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