Throwback Thursday: Centre Hill Methodist Church in Graham Township

(Provided photo)


The Centre Hill Methodist Church once stood along Sington Road in Graham Township.

The building, itself, was removed a number of years ago, after its closure. Perhaps many of the congregation began to attend nearby Fairview, Summit Hill or Gethsemane United Methodist Churches.

The Centre Hill Church building was a 19th century building with an austere design that showed the simple beauty of a country house of worship.

It served the local farmers and laborers and perhaps was nearly filled to capacity by several large extended families who once walked or rode buggies to services.

Ministers to such small country churches conducted services at several churches each Sunday, often leaving the Sunday school classes to the congregation to organize.

The church certainly predated the 1968 merger with the Evangelical United Brethren congregations that resulted in the present United Methodist Church denomination.

But the Centre Hill Methodist Church served as a rural faith anchor for decades.  It likely suffered the fate of dwindling attendance and rising upkeep costs.

The bell from the church is now part of the bell tower at Gethsemane United Methodist Church, located across from the West Branch School.

The Centre Hill Cemetery is also on the church property on Sington Road.

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