Kennedy to Run for Centre County Treasurer

Colleen Kennedy, an experienced accountant, auditor and treasurer of various organizations, is announcing her run for Centre County Treasurer.

Kennedy will focus on these areas of excellence:

– Friendly service that includes modern convenience wherever possible.

– Accurate, timely and complete financial information in order to provide a sound basis for county decision-making and transparent reporting.

– Fair and consistent enforcement of ordinances that promotes voluntary payment compliance and ensures that the county is collecting all the revenue to which it’s due.

– Efficient, cost-effective processes that save the county and its residents time and money.

Kennedy strongly believes in “serving gladly,” an attitude that would guide all aspects of her service as treasurer, from assisting county residents with licenses to working collaboratively with other government offices.

Kennedy has been an accounting clerk, government auditor and treasurer for non-profit organizations.

She currently works in the accounting office of a local manufacturing company, where her duties include accounts payable, receivables and purchasing.

While working in accounting, she has also pursued a career in music, both teaching and directing.

Kennedy says, “My experience as a choral director has honed my skills in budgeting, organization and management. Working for government agencies, as an educator and as an auditor, has given me a deep respect for the responsibility of positions of public trust.”

When asked about her approach to the county treasurer position, she replied, “In addition to my many years of financial experience, I would bring to the office an earnest dedication to service, integrity, and professional ethics.”

She and her husband, Robert enjoy singing together in their church choir, playing board games and their two cats, Abby and Dee.

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