DuBois Council Bill Proposing Parking Ban in Right-of-ways One Step Closer to Becoming Official

DUBOIS – A Council Bill, which proposes a parking ban in DuBois City right-of-ways without a permit, is one step closer to becoming official.

At Monday night’s regular meeting, DuBois City Council completed the first reading of Council Bill 1937.

The bill would forbid parking between the roadway and sidewalk when it isn’t part of an existing driveway that’s already received approval.

Council said a driveway is only “officially” approved if a construction permit has been granted by DuBois City officials.

Councilman Ed Walsh asked how the bill would affect parking for those who have already constructed their driveway in a right-of-way without a permit.

Police Chief Blaine Clark also voiced the same concern as Walsh. Solicitor Toni Cherry responded that these residents would need to obtain a permit from the city.

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