Scotto Seeks Re-election as Clearfield Co. Commissioner

Tony Scotto (Provided photo)

Tony Scotto has announced today his candidacy for re-election to the Office of Clearfield County Commissioner via the Republican Primary.

Scotto is an incumbent, serving as commissioner since 2016.  Prior to this, Scotto served as Clearfield County Controller from 2010 until 2015.

The role of the Board of County Commissioners is to oversee the organization and productivity of the county government, as it is the seat of legislative and executive powers.

The departments in which the board has authority includes budget and finance, debts, contracts and appointment of department heads and staff. It also represents the county within various local boards.

In order to satisfy the qualifications necessary to fulfil this responsibility, Scotto offers his educational background and previous professional experiences.

Scotto is a graduate of Seton Hall University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in finance.

As for implementation of this degree, Scotto has worked as a financial advisor at American Express, licensed specialist at a local bank and as a client services representative at Prudential Retirement Services.

In supplement to this, Scotto has also owned and operated two locations of Scotto’s Pizzeria, featuring locations in both Clearfield and Dubois.

In linking these qualifications to county government functions, Scotto has applied this enrichment throughout his service as both County Controller and County Commissioner.

Within the respective fulfillment of both roles, Scotto has offered unique perspective toward the Retirement, Salary and Prison boards.

Furthermore, in specificity to his commissioner term, Scotto has represented the Board of Commissioners within the following local organizations: Clearfield County Conservation District, Central PA Community Action and Community Connections of Clearfield/Jefferson Counties.

Independently, Scotto is a member of other community-oriented programs.  He belongs to the Knights of Columbus, and is a parishioner of St. Catherine of Siena Parish.

He is also a social member of the Northpoint Volunteer Fire Company of Treasure Lake and Sabula.  In addition, Scotto is a former member of the Lions Club and Pennsylvania State Association of County Controllers.

Scotto currently resides in Sandy Township alongside his wife, Rossella, and two children, Mario and Monica.  As a small business owner, Scotto has imparted the value of work ethic and responsibility unto his children.

If granted another term in office, Scotto intends to continue toward economic development, environmental preservation and improving the quality of life for all Clearfield County residents. Scotto maintains his mentality as the fiscal watchdog for Clearfield County.

As he respectfully requests your continued support, Scotto pledges to oversee the proper allocation of Clearfield County taxpayer dollars.

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