Throwback Thursday: 4-H Hog Judging Time in Penn Township

(Provided photo)

4-H Clubs still thrive in Clearfield County.  Young people from farming and agricultural families have expressed their talents and good works through these clubs for generations.

Like most long-time organizations, they do not have the numbers they once had, but this youthful group whose motto is “To Make the Best Better” still pledges their heads, hearts, hands and health to better living.

This high-quality, color photo shows a hog judging show in Penn Township, near Hepburnia, in 1946.

Those attending are warmly dressed and there are no leaves on the trees. Perhaps the photo was taken close to hog butchering time in colder weather.

An employee of PSU’s Agricultural Extension Unit noted that the stripes were painted on the hogs for an estimated measuring as part of the judging.

The lines would show width and length, which meant more muscle mass and therefore the meat and fat content of the hog.

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