CMA Hears Update on Pine Grove Water Main Extension Project

CLEARFIELD – The Pine Grove water main extension project for Clearfield Municipal Authority has about 80 percent of the pipe installed, according to Engineer Jim Balliet of Gwin, Dobson & Foreman Inc. of Altoona at Tuesday’s meeting.

Balliet noted that they are beginning pressure testing of the lines and other testing. Other portions of the project are proceeding well.

Manager John Williams also informed the board that they held a training session on working on the new high-density polyethylene pipe being installed on the Pine Grove project.

The employees learned about how to do repairs and make connections and how they can use their current equipment in the event of an emergency.

Williams said he would eventually like to purchase a fusion machine to use on the HDPE pipe. They cost about $4,500 he said, and so would be something to look at in the future.

Balliet also reported there was a Sanitary Sewer Overflow discharge event Dec. 31 into Jan. 1. CMA had to submit an estimate of the discharge volume to the Department of Environmental Protection.

DEP will determine the fine to be levied and Balliet said he hopes they won’t charge the maximum amount. The fine will be passed onto the township based on an agreement enacted several years ago where the township is responsible for 80 percent of fines levied by DEP in regards to this SSO.

DEP has also given CMA guidelines for the eventual takeover of the sanitary lines from the township and borough and Balliet said he and Williams are now working on a “game plan” though CMA has not firmly decided if they will take over the lines.

The board also reorganized and kept the same slate of officers and agencies. The officers are Chairman Russ Triponey, Vice Chairman Greg Dixon, Secretary Bill Swisher, Treasurer John Naddeo and assistant secretary/treasurer Andy Spencer.

Kubista and Ryan remain as solicitor, GD&F as engineer, Johnston, Nelson, Shimmel & Thomas as auditor and CNB Bank as depository.

Meetings will continue to be held the third Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. Although members of the public have in the past asked the board to change the meeting times to later in the day due to conflicts with work hours, board members stated they didn’t see any need to change the meeting times.

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