Curwensville Considers Parking Changes on Anderson Street

CURWENSVILLE – A possible parking change may be in the works for Curwensville Borough.

At Monday’s Curwensville Borough Council meeting, Street Department Leadman Denny Curry discussed some of the traffic problems on Anderson Street.

He said he recently took time to observe the traffic problems in the area. He said he watched traffic on a few different occasions, at different times of day, and from his observations, he believes 90 percent of the congestion may be eliminated by designating Anderson Street a “no parking” zone.

He said the majority of the houses on Anderson Street had off-street parking areas on their properties. He suggested the borough could enact the “no parking” on a temporary basis, and if the problems are solved, they would have to make the changes permanent by ordinance.

The council opted to table the motion until they can do more research on what would need to be done in order to start the temporary “no parking.”

Also, at the meeting, Fire Chief Shawn Fye said the fire department was able to find a used engine for its fire apparatus. Fye said the engine itself, plus the labor to install it, would cost roughly $10,000. He said the costs would be shared between the borough and Pike Township.

He said there was definitely an urgency to get the apparatus back in service. He said the department had a working structure fire just Monday afternoon.

He said the department had a good crew for the fire and they were “very lucky” to be able to get their other apparatus back to the firehall in about 2.5 hours.

The council thanked the street department and the police department for their hard work in 2018 and so far in the new year.

In other business, the council voted to approve:

  • The retirement of long-time secretary Autumn Norris, effective July 24, 2019.
  • Having the heating system at the maintenance garage serviced.
  • Renewing the yearly contract with EADS.
  • Renewing the yearly contract with Atlantic Broadband.
  • Paying the bills in the amount of $46,983.77.
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