GANT Police Blotter

State police at DuBois

  • State police received a report about a theft Jan. 5 on Main Street in Falls Creek Borough. During the incident, someone allegedly stole a television and vandalized a cell phone belonging to the victim. Police say two known females are connected to the incident, which remains under investigation at this time.

State police at Ridgway

  • State police reported on a drug incident that occurred Jan. 1 on the Million Dollar Highway in Fox Township. Further, a 54-year-old DuBois woman allegedly admitted to having a small amount of marijuana and a pipe in her purse. Charges will be filed through the district court.

Lawrence Township

  • Police received a report about a domestic dispute Tuesday on Montgomery Run Road. According to police, Jordan Mumma, 26, of Clearfield showed up at the victim’s residence unannounced and demanded keys to a vehicle, which he owned. After a short verbal altercation, Mumma allegedly kicked in the door and proceeded to yell and scream about the keys. Police say he also kicked in another door while inside. Police took Mumma into custody for harassment, disorderly conduct and related charges. He was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Mike Morris and his case is pending a preliminary hearing.

DuBois City

  • Police received a report about a “suspicious situation” Jan. 6 on Rumbarger Avenue. According to police, a homeowner returned home and discovered her sliding glass door was open. Additionally, it was discovered a screw at the door’s base had been pulled out of the panel. Police believed this could have happened without force, and everything else checked out OK. Police assisted the homeowner with securing her home and then cleared the call.
  • On Jan. 6, police received a report about a possible intoxicated, unlicensed driver in the area of Maple Avenue and Oklahoma Salem Road. The caller advised dispatch that her boyfriend was driving a blue Dodge pick-up and had been drinking alcohol. Police periodically checked for the male and his vehicle.
  • Police received a report Jan. 6 about a fox being observed in the area of East DuBois Avenue.
  • Police assistance was requested at the Best Western on Jan. 6. According to police, employees said a male was staying there, but he couldn’t pay for additional nights. Employees also said he’d been trying to get money throughout the day but didn’t have any success; he also arranged for several people to pay for his room, but they hadn’t provided any money. Employees noted that the male had stayed in the lobby area but left abruptly when they arrived. Police were provided with the room number and discovered a female in the room. She was staying there with the male but was uncertain where he was at. She believed he was in the lobby to arrange payment for their room. Police learned the male had a warrant through Jefferson County; the female gathered her belongings to leave. Police said the male didn’t return to the property and they were unable to locate him.
  • Police were requested to assist emergency personnel with a male claiming he’d been poisoned on Jan. 6 at an East Long Avenue address. Upon arrival, police said it was clear he hadn’t been poisoned and his claims were due to mental health issues. He was subsequently transported to the hospital, as requested.
  • On Jan. 6, police received a report about kids on a roof at a South Brady Street address. Upon arrival, police climbed the fire escape and witnessed six kids on a garage roof. One male, police say, had his pants down and he was chasing another male around. When asked, he told police he was “just goofing around” and “trying to be funny.” Police advised the kids they were trespassing because they weren’t permitted to be there. One male responded, saying an apartment tenant had allowed them to. However, police advised that the property owner doesn’t allow them to, and police collected their identifying information. Police then ordered all six males to leave the property.
  • Police received a report about a couple trespassing Jan. 6 at the Best Western. When police were on-scene previously, employees hadn’t decided if they would permit the couple to stay, if they were able to pay for another night. However, employees had decided at this point that they weren’t any longer welcome. Police advised the female to gather her belongings from the lobby and to leave. The male wasn’t inside and was reportedly hiding out in the bushes. Police, however, were unable to locate him and employees were told to call if the couple returned again.
  • Police were dispatched to the Best Western, where a male was reportedly hiding in the bushes on Jan. 6. He had been previously ordered to leave and was found to have an active warrant through Jefferson County. An employee said the male was confronted, began to walk away and then came back onto the property. Upon arrival, police checked the area behind the conference center and located some clothing. Further search of the property turned up other personal belongings and drug paraphernalia belonging to the male. At that time, police received a report about a male covered in mud walking along East DuBois Avenue later in the night. He was picked up by someone driving a silver truck that was traveling westbound. Police believe the male ran through a swamp area in order to avoid detection; he now has multiple charges pending.
  • Police received a report about a suspicious male Jan. 6 in the area of East DuBois Avenue and North Sixth Street. A caller told authorities that a male was trying to stop vehicles, he was covered in mud and he wasn’t wearing any shoes. He claimed he’d been dragged by a truck and needed a ride to another vehicle. Then, the caller said the male was picked up by a silver truck that was last seen traveling westbound on East DuBois Avenue near the Harley Davidson store. However, police were unable to locate the male or the described truck. Police believe this is the male from the previous incidents at the Best Western, and the investigation is continuing.
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