Clearfield Wrestling’s Square One Junior High Tournament Results

HYDE — The Square One Classic Junior High Wrestling Tournament was held at Clearfield High School this past weekend.

Taking the team title with 73 points was Bald Eagle Area, edging out State College with 70 points. The rest of the teams followed: Marion Center (68pts), Philipsburg-Oceola, (60pts), Punxytawney (43pts), Clearfield (36pts), Curwensville (34pts), West Branch (33pts), Central Cambria (23pts), Moshannon Valley (21pts), Bradford (20pts), and Penn Cambria (17pst).

The Outstanding Wrestler Award as voted on by the coaches went to Landon Bainey of West Branch.

Local individual champions were Bainey (85lbs); Will Domico, Clearfield (100lbs); Dominic Shaw, PO (155lbs); Hayden Kovalick, Clearfield (165lbs); and Chase Klinger, PO (250lbs).

Also placing for Clearfield were Carter Chamberlain (2nd/145), Josh Steele (2nd/250), and Ty Aveni (5th/110).

Complete list of placewinners:

75lbs: 1st: D.Gould (Punx), 2nd: Hunter Sallurday (WB), 3rd: Lucas Yarger (MV), 4th: M.Shutt (BEA)

80lbs: 1st: C.Stewart (MC), 2nd: Damian Brady (Cville), 3rd: L.Fye (BEA), 4th: E.Ashbaugh (MC), 5th: Autumn Shoff (MV), 6th: S.Edares (SC)

85lbs: 1st: Landon Bainey (WB), 2nd: H.Forcellini (CC), 3rd: A.Beatty (MC), 4th: O.Johnson (BEA), 5th: A.Ghalyan (SC), 6th: Hunter Archer (PO)

90lbs: 1st: Coen Bainey (BEA), 2nd: C.Joiner (MC), 3rd: Marcus Gable (PO), 4th: J.Cambell (SC), 5th:P.Reed (BEA) 6th: Hunter Schnarrs (WB)

95lbs: 1st: H. Cunningham (SC), 2nd: E.Miller (MC), 3rd: Kaleb Sallurday (WB), 4th: A. Himes (Brad), 5th: S.Knepp (BEA), 6th: Nate Fleck (PO)

100lbs: 1st: Will Domico (Clfd), 2nd: J.Pifer (BEA), 3rd: A.Herzing (SC), 4th: Ian Phillips (PO), 5th: Kameron Sheffer (PO), 6th: Landon Pase (WB)

105lbs: 1st: L. Cornetto (MC), 2nd: Scotty Frantz (PO), 3rd: Ryder Kuklinskie (Cville), 4th: R.Ghalyan (SC), 5th: T.Yoder (BEA), 6th: M.Snyder (BEA)

110lbs: 1st: M. Reese (BEA), 2nd: Ben Gustkey (PO), 3rd: J.Elick (P), 4th: C.Gilmore (MC), 5th: Ty Aveni (Clfd), 6th: Caleb Quick (PO)

115lbs: 1st: E. Weaver (SC), 2nd: L.Laktash (Brad), 3rd: G.Eckley (BEA), 4th: Nick Fegert (Cville), 5th: Logan Folmar (WB), 6th: Cade Glace (PO)

122lbs: 1st: B. Smith (P), 2nd: Logan Aughenbaugh (Cville), 3rd: C.Weaverling (SC), 4th: C.Dubbs (BEA), 5th: David Meersand (PO), 6th: H.Basalla (BEA)

130lbs: 1st: CJ Waterhouse (CC), 2nd: I.Packer (BEA), 3rd: Zach Shaffer (Cville), 4th: K.Cunningham (SC), 5th: K.Taylor (BEA), 6th: G.Prewitt-Koths (SC)

138lbs: 1st: G. Miller (P), 2nd: John Myers (WB), 3rd: Luke Hughes (PO), 4th: D.Harkins (MC), 5th: C.Plummer (PC), 6th: Trenton Guiher (Cville)

145lbs: 1st: B. Filipovich (MC), 2nd: Carter Chamberlain (Clfd), 3rd: Chase Irwin (Cville), 4th: V.Scott (P), 5th: G.Stem (BEA), 6th: Aaron Domanick (MV)

155lbs: 1st: Dominic Shaw (PO), 2nd: C.Rombough (MC), 3rd: Joe Boyer (MV), 4th: J.Hajzus (CC), 5th: B.Philips (SC), 6th: A.Moyle (BEA)

165lbs: 1st: Hayden Kovalick (Clfd), 2nd: K.Rager (SC), 3rd: M.Inman (SC), 4th: C.Comly (BEA), 5th: P.French (B), 6th: K.Blank (SC)

185lbs: 1st: S. Focht (SC), 2nd: M.Knepp (BEA), 3rd: David Honan (MV), 4th: C.Williard (MC), 5th: B.Yeoman (PC), 6th: D.Smith (B)

210lbs: 1st: A. Wagner (PC), 2nd: C.Jackson (B), 3rd: Nick Twoey (PO), 4th: K.Quick (CC), 5th: I.Mellott (SC), 6th: Brennen McCarty (Cville)

250lbs: 1st: Chase Klinger (PO), 2nd: Josh Steele (Clfd), 3rd: H.Harris (P), 4th: Conner Williams (MV), 5th: M.Raymond (PC), 6th: H.Smithbower (PC)

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