Lawrence Residents Could Have Damaged, Towed Vehicles for Failure to Comply with Parking, Snow Removal Ordinance

CLEARFIELD – Residents of Lawrence Township could find themselves with damaged or towed cars after snowfall if they do not comply with a township ordinance regarding parking and snow removal.

During Tuesday night’s meeting, Roadmaster Ron Woodling said his drivers are having problems when they need to plow the roads. He understands that this year has had unusual weather patterns.

However, the township has needed to plow two or three times already and he anticipates more plowing ahead. The problem is with vehicles parked along township roads.

While there are many problem areas, one of the worst has been High Street where cars are parked on both sides of the street and the plow has had trouble getting through.

Woodling said the plow that normally covers that street has managed because of the size and shape, but if any of the other plows were to operate on that street, the cars would be damaged.

The township ordinance regarding snow removal states that it is unlawful to park a vehicle on any road, street and public right-of-way in the township between Nov. 15 and April 1.

It is also unlawful to throw, shovel or otherwise move, pile or dump snow or ice removed from sidewalks, driveways or other areas into roads, streets or rights-of-way.

Woodling said he hasn’t taken these measures yet, but he can have the vehicles towed and, if needed, call the police to have the matter dealt with.

Woodling and the supervisors also discussed the problem of trucks turning onto Flegal Road because their GPS tells the drivers this is the road to either the truck stop or Wal-Mart Distribution Center.

This has been an ongoing problem and last month a resident of Pifer Road asked the supervisors if something can be done.

Woodling said there are 10-ton weight limit signs at the entrance of both Flegal Road and Guinea Hill and they are easily seen before turning.

He said there is also a No Outlet sign at Pifer Road, which will be moved to the intersection with Pifer Road. He asked if there is anything else that he can do.

Unfortunately, if the truck drivers cannot see or understand the signs, there is little more the township can do. Supervisor Randy Powell said that the companies utilize the maps produced by the county and the county maps themselves are wrong to begin with.

Solicitor James Naddeo reported that a tax appeal from Lowe’s was filed on the company’s behalf. When the hearing was held, no one representing Lowe’s attended.

At that point, Clearfield County Solicitor Kim Kesner filed to quash the appeal because, in his opinion, failure of representatives of Lowe’s to attend the hearing results in waiver of the right to proceed with the appeal. But the motion to quash the appeal was denied on Dec. 10.

Naddeo requested permission from the supervisors to file a motion for reconsideration on the matter and the supervisors agreed.

Lowe’s is appealing the taxes levied by the county, township and school district based on current appraisal of the property.

In other matters, the supervisors learned that a request for a brake retarder or “Jake break” restriction on U.S. Route 322 near Goldenrod was rejected by PennDOT; the supervisors approved promotion of officer Levi Olsen from part-time to full-time beginning Jan. 6, dependent on Act 13 funding; the reorganization meeting for the supervisors will be held Jan.7 at 6:30 p.m. with the regular meeting to immediately follow.

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