Sloan Accused of Breaking DuBois Woman’s Jaw

DUBOIS – A Brockway man is facing felony aggravated assault charges for allegedly breaking a DuBois woman’s jaw.

Terrance L. Sloan, 43, was also charged by DuBois City police on Dec. 5 with simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, harassment and criminal trespass in relation to an incident at a South Main Street in DuBois residence.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the police spoke with the victim at the emergency room at Penn Highlands DuBois where she was being treated.

She told them that on Nov. 26 she answered a knock at her door to see three people standing on her porch. One was a tall, skinny African-American male; another was a blonde Caucasian female and the third, a Caucasian male that she had never seen before.

The African-American male asked her if an individual was at the house, and she responded that he wasn’t and he did not live there.

They acted as if she were lying and kept asking about him. When she attempted to close the door, the African-American male pushed the door back open again.

She told him to get out of there and followed this order with a racial slur. He then allegedly punched her directly in the face with a closed fist as she was standing inside her home. After she fell to the ground, they left.

As she got up, she was able to see a silver/gray car leaving from the parking lot at Penn Highlands Q-Care.

The victim’s jaw was reportedly broken in two places, which required surgery and she lost a tooth.

Police were able to review security video footage from the clinic on Nov. 28, which showed a silver car park in the lot. Another car, a red Dodge, was following it and parked next to it.

Two Caucasian females got out of the silver car and an African-American male and Caucasian male got out of the red car.

They stood behind the vehicles for a few seconds before the men pulled their hoodies up over their heads and they all walked toward the victim’s home, according to the complaint.

The group walked onto the porch, but then one of the females got off the porch and stood to the left of the house.

The footage shows the victim opening her door, and then trying to shut it. It appeared that the African-American male swung and struck the victim in the face, police said.

Through a window on the porch, the officer could reportedly see the victim falling to the ground and the door being shut.

Later on Nov. 28, an officer saw the red vehicle parked in the Sheetz parking lot and initiated a traffic stop. The driver was identified as Sloan.

A few days later, an officer compiled a photo line-up from which the victim picked Sloan as the one who had assaulted her, according to the report.

A preliminary hearing in this case is scheduled for Friday during centralized court in DuBois. Sloan is incarcerated on $25,000 bail.


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