Construction Project on Route 255 in Huston Township Open to Traffic

HOLLYWOOD – A construction project on Route 255 (Bennetts Valley Highway) in Huston Township, Clearfield County, reopened to traffic Tuesday. This project removed a structure spanning a mine cave-in near the village of Hollywood.

With the road reopened, motorists may notice a slight bump as they drive across the roadway until a polyester polymer concrete (PPC) overlay is applied to the deck.

The PPC overlay is designed to protect from the wear and tear brought about by Pennsylvania’s harsh winters and reduce the long-term maintenance costs.

The polyester material can only be applied when temperatures are consistently above 40 degrees, dry weather is forecasted and after the bridge concrete has cured for at least 30 days. An alternating traffic pattern will be controlled by flaggers when the PPC overlay is applied.

To find out when the overlay will be applied to this structure, visit

In the event of unfavorable weather, this schedule may change. Any such changes will be posted on the Web site.

This bridge is referred to as JV-42 and is one out of the 558 bridges being replaced under the Rapid Bridge Replacement Project.

JV references the joint-venture partnership between Walsh/Granite, which is leading construction for the entire project.

Replacement work for this bridge was performed by Horizon Construction Group Inc. of Sandy Lake, Pa.

More on P3 in Pennsylvania is available at or “Public-Private Partnerships” at Information on the bridges and their status is at, or by calling the project hotline at 877-444-9990 or e-mail

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