DuBois Man to Stand Trial for Allegedly Threatening to “Shoot Up” Local Grocery Store

CLEARFIELD – A DuBois man will stand trial for threatening to shoot up a local grocery store.

James Zane Stewart, 58, was charged by DuBois City police with felony counts of terroristic threats and aggravated harassment by prisoner after an incident at Martin’s on Nov. 9.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, a caller later identified as Stewart asked an employee of the pharmacy to fill prescriptions for a generic form of Dopaquel and Seroquel. He said another pharmacy in Punxsutawney had refused to fill it for him.

He became angry and allegedly threatened to “be in before 9 o’clock and shoot the place up.”

Officers were requested to be in the parking lot when the store closed due to these threats. It was at this point the officers were told the man on the phone was believed to be Stewart. One of the officers then went to Stewart’s residence.

When he arrived, Stewart’s front door was open. As Stewart came out in his motorized cart, the officer asked “what’s going on brother?” to which Stewart reportedly replied, “we don’t have the same mother!”

The officer then asked if Stewart had called Martin’s and made threats. Stewart replied, “Yes I called them!” in an angry tone. When the officer asked what exactly Stewart had said to the employee, Stewart said “Call them and ask them!”

At this time, the officer called for assistance. While the officer was waiting, Stewart drove his motorized wheelchair to the garage where he obtained a small pull cart. When the officer asked, where he was going, Stewart said he was going to Martin’s to get his prescription filled.

Stewart proceeded down the center of the street, refusing to stop.

Another officer arriving on the scene pulled his vehicle in front of Stewart, who attempted to drive around the back of it. Instead he struck the rear passenger side quarter panel of the car. Stewart was then taken into custody.

He was in possession of multiple knives, but no firearms.

While they waited for DuSan EMS to help transport Stewart, Stewart spit saliva on one of the officer’s pant leg.

As they loaded him into the transport van, Stewart spit again onto another officer’s head, according to the report.

Stewart waived his right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday during centralized court. He remains in custody in lieu of $50,000 bail.



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