CMA Customers Asked to Pay Past Due Bills

CLEARFIELD – Customers of the Clearfield Municipal Authority who have past due bills are being asked to bring those bills up to date as soon as possible.

At Tuesday’s CMA board meeting, Manager John Williams informed the board that the authority will be changing its billing system from a quarterly billing cycle to a monthly billing cycle. Currently, the plan is for the change to take place mid- to late 2019.

Williams said that anyone who owes on past bills will find their monthly bills much higher than they should be in order to get those overdue payments taken care of. Past due bills will also make switching the system a bit more complicated.

When asked what the response has been from customers regarding the change, Williams said the response has been a mixed one. However, he said it should ultimately be an easier system for everyone.

The board heard an update on the Mount Joy Pumping Station. Williams said that since they have not been able to get grant funding to update the station, he and Engineer Jim Balliet are recommending switching to daytime pumping in order to better monitor what is happening with the pump station and then begin replacing part or all of the equipment.

Balliet added that the authority should bid the project in order to get an idea of cost, and he estimates that the cost could be between $200,000-$250,000.

The board also learned that the Pine Grove North Watermain Extension project is about 45 percent completed. Surveys have been completed for the additional areas and the authority is waiting to see if the state Department of Environmental Protection will be able to provide funding for the additional areas.

Finally, the board also learned that the interceptor cleaning and televising for the Kerr Addition area has been completed and the project was under budget by about 4 percent, or $8,632.63.

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