Cen-Clear Receives Donation for Sensory Station

(Provided photo)

Murarik Motorsports of Philipsburg presented Cen-Clear Child Services with a donation for its Sensory Station, which will benefit children and teens with sensory sensitivities.

The check was presented to Cen-Clear Chief Executive Officer Pauline Raab and Connie Wright, Cen-Clear Early Head Start/Early Intervention Assistant Program director, by Haunted House participants John Gonzalez, Philipsburg, and Daren Dingey, Philipsburg.

Not all children want to be “scared” at Halloween, but they do want to participate in fun activities to celebrate.  Murarik Motorsports of Philipsburg made this possible with a specially-created Not-So-Scary Haunted House that was perfect for young children and those sensitive to loud sounds and lights.

In addition to this event, Murarik Motorsports offered a regular haunted house for those looking for a fright. Murarik Motorsports donated a portion of the proceeds from its haunted house to Cen-Clear’s Sensory Station.

Cen-Clear’s Sensory Station Outpatient Pediatric Clinic works to decrease the challenges children with sensory issues face.

Sensory integration therapy uses play and activities to change the way the brain reacts to touch, sound, sight and movement.

Sensory Station works to improve eating habits, improve the child’s ability to calm themselves, enhances personal strength and growth and minimizes challenging behavior.  It focuses on fine and gross motor skills, visual perception and aversion management.

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