No Tax Increase in Clearfield Borough Budget

CLEARFIELD – Residents of Clearfield Borough will not be seeing a tax increase and taxes will remain at 27 mills, which is the same tax rate as 2018. One mill for the borough results in $40,000.

The budget is balanced with both revenues and expenditures expected to be $2,521,496. Some of the revenues include real property at $1,060,000; Act 511 enabling taxes including real estate transfer, earned income, local services and others at $685,600; fines and forfeits at $129,500; Intergovernmental revenues at $214,581; and departmental earnings at $455,896 as well as other revenue sources.

Expenditures include salaries, legal services, emergency management, operations etc. The biggest expenditures are under public safety, including $969,996.76 for the police department, up from $932,749.17 for the 2018 budget and $104,811.53 for the fire department, down from 2018’s $114,661.41.

The entire budget will be available for public viewing at the borough offices during regular business hours.

Fire Chief Todd Kling was unable to attend Thursday’s meeting due to working with the borough crew on clearing streets during the snow storm.

However, he left a message thanking everyone who helped during the emergency on Saturday when a multi-vehicle accident on Interstate 80 left motorists stranded.

The borough opened up the Third Ward firehall to provide a warm shelter and a place for people to rest and eat. Fullington’s provided a bus to take people from the accident scene to the firehall.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army were not notified and dispatched until much later, but they were able to provide help for several motorists.

Mayor James Schell also noted that many residents came out and helped by providing food and drinks, and neighboring communities supplied fire police to help direct traffic through the borough. “This is what it means to be part of a small town.”

Due to the recent snow storm, the borough crew was unable to get all the leaves picked up in the borough and the leaf vac will not be used after Friday.

Residents are asked to be patient as the street crews will try to get out and gather bagged leaves. Leave should be bagged in biodegradable bags, and if they wish, they can take the bags to the compost site and not wait on the borough crew.

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