Local Artists’ Paintings on Display at Clearfield Restaurant

(Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD – Local artists, including Cora Smith of Mahaffey and Linda Schultz and Susan Force, both of Clearfield, have 21 paintings on display at Ethan’s Café, Clearfield.

Their paintings will be on display through Jan. 4. Paintings or prints can be purchased by contacting the artists; an information card is attached to each piece of artwork.

The Susquehanna River Art Center of Clearfield (SRACC) is sponsoring this exhibit. It also includes a painting by a well-known, deceased SRACC artist, Sam Yost, and another painting by Jane Lee Yare of Clearfield.

Plus, a photograph entitled, “Optical Illusion!” by Dottie Crissman has been hung and people are invited to take it off the wall, turn it around and see the optical illusion.

SRACC is honoring Rose Smith, its oldest member and local artist, at a reception at its new office location from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Saturday. The art center is located next to the Ritz Theater, Clearfield.

Everyone is invited to attend. Rose Smith also has a painting as part of the current exhibit at Ethan’s Café. The exhibit was arranged by Crissman.

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