DuBois City Solicitor Addresses Landlord-Tenant, Ordinance Issues

DUBOIS – Landlord-tenant and ordinance issues were addressed by DuBois City Solicitor Toni Cherry during Tuesday night’s council meeting.

According to Cherry, she, along with Zoning and Code Enforcement Officer Zac Lawhead, had appeared in summary court on two, separate occasions in Clearfield County.

She advised council that she planned to take a more “hands-on approach” when ordinance issues go to court. She urged Lawhead to go after landlords directly.

Cherry reported that DuBois City won against both tenants who had filed appeals.  She went on to explain that in both cases, Lawhead went after tenants because it seemed fairer.

While tenants are a big part of this community problem, she pointed out that they are frequently unable to pay any files levied against them.

“We need to quit going after the tenants and go after the landlords who allow their tenants to turn their properties into havens of filth,” she said.

Cherry added that a pattern is emerging with the grievous offenders being tenants and absentee landlords.  She said landlords sometimes don’t care if they receive rent payments.

Police Report

DuBois City Police Chief Blaine Clark reported there has been an increase in suspicious person calls. He said more officers have been pushed to day shifts, which is when the calls are being received.

Clark also said the parks have been quiet, but there has been an increase in juvenile shoplifting incidents, for example, at Sheetz, located not far from the park.

Community Calendar

  • Leaf pick-up will take place Nov 19-23 on normal garbage pick-up. This requires the bags to be untied.
  • Brighten the Night will be held Nov. 30 at 6 p.m. on the DuBois Public Park stage
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