Man Will Face Charges in Domestic Assault, Police Say

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP – Charges will be filed against a 29-year-old man, Matthew Strayer, following a domestic assault in Lawrence Township, Clearfield County.

It occurred at approximately 8:42 a.m. Sunday at a Bloomington – Glen Richey Highway residence, according to a news release issued by Lawrence Township police.

Strayer allegedly fired a rifle at a female inside the home. However, police say it malfunctioned, at which point he chased after her with a hammer, striking her. She suffered a minor injury.

Upon arrival on-scene, police learned Strayer had stolen the victim’s vehicle and fled. He had warrants through another county and he didn’t want to be apprehended.

Police say while speaking with the victim, Strayer made threats toward officers via a telephone call to the victim’s phone.

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