Man Accused of Violating PFA and Breaking into Home Pleads Guilty

Daniel Tyrone Ocrotty (Provided photo)

CLEARFIELD – A former Clearfield man accused of violating a protection from abuse order and breaking into the victim’s residence pleaded guilty Friday.

Daniel Tyrone Ocrotty, 37, was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, defiant trespass and harassment after he got into the victim’s home by climbing in an unlocked window on Dec. 7.

Just two days earlier, he was charged with assaulting the same victim at her Clearfield Borough home.

Ocrotty pleaded guilty Friday to criminal trespass in the first case and simple assault in the second case. President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman sentenced him to 12 months to two years in state prison.

This term will run consecutive to his current probation violation sentence of six months to two years in state prison.

The criminal complaint details how the victim was in her attic getting out Christmas decorations when she heard a thump. She messaged a friend that she thought Ocrotty had just broken in.

Ocrotty then looked up the stairs and asked her if she had called the cops. She told him to leave because he was scaring her. He then claimed he was there to give her money back. She told him again to leave.

Ocrotty asked her who was at her residence and blamed her for hiding someone upstairs.

She told him again to stay away as he was continuing to scare her. He apologized and said he was not there to hurt her.

As he approached her, she screamed. He confronted her, accusing her of cheating on him.

She descended the steps and ran into her room before she heard knocking at the door.

After the police announced their presence, she was able to run down the stairs and unlock the door for the officers who had been called by her friend.

They located Ocrotty standing in a closet upstairs and took him into custody.

She told police she was scared of what would have happened had they not shown up at the residence.

At the time of the burglary, Ocrotty had warrants for the previous assault on her and for violating the PFA. Police had issued a notice to the media on Dec. 6, asking for help locating him.

Ocrotty was charged four different times with violating the PFA in 2017, according to online court records.

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