Martin Could Spend Up to 12 Years in Prison for Bigler Twp. Burglary, Assault

CLEARFIELD – A Duncansville man could spend up to 12 years in state prison for entering a residence and striking a man.

Andrew James Martin, 34, was found guilty of burglary and assault charges for his actions on May 29 in Bigler Township.

According to testimony at the September trial, Martin was reported as a suspicious person crying outside the victim’s home.

Two state troopers responding to the call said he was acting erratic and wearing only basketball shorts.

The first trooper described Martin as going through a variety of emotions. Martin told them he was fighting with his wife, which was why he was at a nearby home.

After a background check revealed his driver’s license was suspended but he had no outstanding warrants, Martin was warned to stay away from the residence. His wife was notified that he needed to be picked up.

Feeling everything was under control, the troopers left the scene but shortly after, were called back to the home.

Martin had returned to the residence, argued with the resident and her brother, and then broken down the door.

The male victim brandished his gun and pointed it at Martin, but it misfired, according to reports.

Martin then punched and kicked the man until his sister pointed her gun at him, causing him to flee the home. Once outside, another man was able to get Martin on the ground and hold him until the police returned.

Prior to sentencing on Monday, the female victim told the court she will never forget the terror she felt when her door was kicked open and a complete stranger was standing there.

Martin apologized and said he was not in his right mind and he regrets everything that happened.

President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman commented that nothing Martin did made sense that day, so he was probably suffering a mental health problem or was under the influence of methamphetamine or bath salts.

Ammerman sentenced him to six to 12 years in state prison and ordered him to pay $3,800 restitution.


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