Child Advocacy Center Receives Donation from SCI Houtzdale’s Inmate Organization

Pictured are SCI Superintendent Barry Smith and CAC-CC Director Mary Tatum. (Provided photo)

HOUTZDALE – Clearfield County’s Child Advocacy Center has received a donation from inmates at the State Correctional Institution at Houtzdale.

According to District Attorney William A. Shaw Jr., inmates participating in the Journey for Change (JFC) recently made a donation of child-friendly artwork and $1,500 to CAC-CC.

Shaw said the JFC is an organization implemented to address inmates’ needs by providing alternative structural avenues and positive outlets.

Shaw said a significant component of the JFC is also to assist charitable, non-profit organizations throughout the local community and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

These donations are approved through the facility’s administrative team. To raise funds to donate, the JFC hosts authorized events throughout the institution.

Shaw thanked the JFC of SCI Houtzdale for selecting Clearfield County’s Child Advocacy Center to receive their generous donation.

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