Throwback Thursday: Blain City

(Provided photo)

Blain City, located in Beccaria Township and bordering on Coalport Borough, looks then and now, to be part of the same town.

According to Richard Snyder, curator of the Coalport Area Coal Museum, there is not one alive today who knows from where the name “Blain” came.  It was not the name of a mining company or of a local family.

Anyone with factual information, or even a theory about the name, is asked to contact Snyder or the Clearfield County Historical Society.

St. Basil’s Catholic Church is shown toward the top right of the likely early 20th century photo.  It was organized the 1880’s and still is an active part of the overall Coalport faith community.

The big building on the left, according to Snyder, shows the back of the Blain City School.  It likely housed all grade levels – elementary through high school.

It was later used as an elementary school until it was disbanded, and its students merged into the Glendale Area School District. The building was demolished, only a few years ago.

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