Throwback Thursday: First Historical Society Dinner

(Provided photo)

Today, Oct. 25, is the day of the Clearfield County Historical Society’s annual dinner.

In view of that fact, it is fitting that documentation of the first dinner in 1910 should be shown.  The CCHS was formed in 1910 in the aftermath of Clearfield County’s centennial celebration in 1904.

(Provided photo)

The original society lasted for a few years and was then disbanded; only to be resurrected in 1954 to honor the 150th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Clearfield County in 1804.  It has remained a vibrant part of county life since then.

The group photo shows the first board of directors in 1910. Such organizations were run by middle-aged or older white men in those days.  The line-up is typical for the time, but seemingly out of place today.

The dinner program gives a listing of CCHS officers.  It was held at the Dimeling Hotel in downtown Clearfield.  The menu is indeed elegant.

Chicken a la Reine is a stuffed and roasted chicken breast in butter rue, with broth, cream and seasonings added, then baked in a puff pastry. An oyster cocktail is hard to find in a local restaurant today.

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