Throwback Thursday: Pearce Farm

(Provided photo)

Shown in the picture is the Pearce Farm that was located in Bradford Township.  This farm was situated behind the area where the Super 322 Drive-In Theatre is currently located.  The picture is dated circa 1890.

John L. Pearce was born in Bigler on April 9, 1849.  He wrote of his daily life in a series of diaries dated 1883 through 1916.  His diaries are stored in the Clearfield County Historical Society’s William Alexander Research Center.

Mr. Pearce wrote of his daily life living as a father, husband, son, farmer, Sunday school teacher, postmaster and a variety of roles.  He also wrote of social, weather and current events of the day.

A few of Pearce’s excerpts are as follows:

  • March 20, 1884: “Went down to float.  Took team & drew 10 logs off Thomases riffle.  Worked till noon.  Luther 1/2 day.  P. Young 1/2 day.  Came home.  Took harness to Trumps.  Was home during evening.  P. Young directed me to charge him with three bushels of corn & 123 lbs. gotten by Pearce’s girls.”
  • March 25, 1884:Helped hanging up bell all day.  Amt. of rope needed – 52 feet.  Undercoffler’s bill 50 cents.  Was down at Young’s for grist in evening.  Very clear day.  Threatening rain in evening.”
  • Thursday, Oct. 21, 1886: “Went to M.S. got M.N.S, went to Woodland took train, went to Clearfield.  Was married at 3:15 p.m. by Rev. A. McKinley.  Was at Opera in evening.  Put up at Allegheny House.  Weather very nice.”
  • 19, 1886: “Was at Sabbath School in a.m.  Wm. Hummel & wife were here for dinner.  P. Young, Sofia Pearce and Mary Graham were here for supper.  All went to church in the evening.”
  • 7, 1887: “Was at Abs Pearce’s Sr. birthday party all day.  Had a good time.  Rained all day.” 
  • April 10, 1915: “Had quite a surprise party at our place for me.  28 were present.  Had a very nice time.  I will ever remember this as one of the kind acts of my neighbors.”

(Provided photo)

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