LT Supers Discuss Several Matters of Business

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors discussed several matters of business during Tuesday’s meeting.

The supervisors accepted a bid from Terry and Judy Duncan for $6,300 for a small piece of property the township has been working on selling for the past few months. Solicitor Jim Naddeo said the bid was higher than the fair market value for the parcel.

Code Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner reminds residents that they can and will be fined for blowing mown grass onto roadways.

Her warning noted that the grass will block stormwater drains and create slippery conditions. Residents are also asked to keep leaves off of the roads as well for similar reasons.

The supervisors approved helping Glen Richey Fire Company pay for costs of repairs to their Quick Response Service vehicle at $4,476.23.

Residents are reminded also that volunteers are needed for working on creation of a dog park at the recreation park.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling agreed to look into erecting speed limit signs on Mann Road at the request of residents who noted that since the road was paved the speed of traffic has increased.

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