CNB Bank Becomes First PA Banking Institution to Offer Student Loan Paydown Benefit to Employees

CLEARFIELD – CNB Bank has become the first banking institution in Pennsylvania to offer Gradifi’s Student Loan Paydown (SLP) as a benefit to full-time employees in an effort to help reduce the financial burden of student loans.

Only four percent of employers across the country are currently offering student loan repayment assistance as a benefit.

Through Gradifi, employers can contribute to their employees’ student loans, helping them get out of debt up to 30 percent faster. Research indicates that eight out of 10 people consider student loan debt to be a significant source of stress.

CNB Bank took advantage of the program as a way to continue to support the financial wellness of its employees.

“We’ve committed to employee wellness as one of the benefits of being part of our team,” Mary Ann Conaway, executive vice president of employee experience said.

“Financial health is considered part of the complete wellness package here at CNB. We’re thrilled to offer this benefit to our employees.”

Gradifi has become the industry-leading student loan repayment solution for employers looking to offer meaningful benefits for an engaged and empowered workforce.

In November of 2017, Gradifi added the college savings benefit to become the only single-solution platform for companies to help their employees pay down student loan debt and save for their children’s education.

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