Why Won’t Your Waste Hauler Take Your TV?

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CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) is offering an explanation to residents with regards to why waste haulers won’t take televisions.

According to CCSWA Director Jodi Brennan, it’s because of “the unintended consequences of the Covered Device Recycling Act.”

“It’s harder than ever to dispose of certain electronics, particularly old televisions and computer monitors,” she explained.

“Haulers aren’t permitted to take these items to the landfill and under the law, these items need to be recycled.”

In addition, there are very few options available for recycling electronics in Clearfield County, especially for old style televisions and monitors.

While the CCSWA does provide spring and fall one-day collections, Brennan noted it isn’t always convenient and is often a financial burden, which prevents people “from doing the right thing.”

“Obviously, over the bank and into the fields and streams are not a good option either,” she said. “However, it is the reality of what we are seeing throughout Clearfield County.”

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Brennan is encouraging residents to be heard because Pennsylvania law doesn’t provide adequate recycling or collection resources for electronics.

“You and 12 million other Pennsylvanians are without convenient and affordable options,” she said. “It’s time to speak up.

“Legislators need to hear about the negative impact this law is having in our communities. Electronic waste is not going away.”

According to Brennan, Pennsylvania Senate Bill 800 repeals what is known as the Covered Device Recycling Act. She said it provides a new structure for the collection of growing e-waste.

SB 800 is currently in the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee.

Brennan said the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania (PROP) has provided this link that will take people to a prepared message, which they can send in a letter format.

She is encouraging people to enter their residential contact information in the window provided and to send their message directly to their state officials.

For further information, please call the Clearfield County Solid Waste Authority Office at 814-765-5149.

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