Veritas Film Fest is Nov. 9-15

Coming to the Rowland Theatre in Philipsburg is the Veritas Film Fest. It’ll run daily beginning Nov. 9 until Nov. 15 at two locations.

The film festival will be held at the historic Rowland Theatre in Philipsburg and the Ritz Theater in Clearfield from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. An awards ceremony will take place daily at 7 p.m. at the Rowland Theatre.

What is a film festival?

A film festival is a vital piece to the film ecosystem. These festivals provide screenwriters and independent filmmakers the opportunity to get their films in front of a live audience and professional critics.

By doing so, filmmakers are able to obtain insight and new avenues to bring in a wider audience. Many iconic filmmakers have gotten their start by attending film festivals when starting into the industry.

Film festivals highlight the worldwide passion of cinema and showcase the value of film. With the diverse array of films, one attending can laugh, cry and everything in between all in one day.

Festivals are multiple-day events and surely everyone can find something to spark their interest.

By purchasing a ticket, whether it be for a one-day pass or one for the entire festival, you not only support the filmmakers and their creativity, but you also support the local economy.

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