Portion of River Road Shut Down in Clearfield

CLEARFIELD – A portion of River Road has been shut down in Clearfield due to flooding conditions, said Joe Bigar, emergency services director.

He specifically said it was the area around Elliott’s Park along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River.

He said similar conditions are occurring throughout the county in the Coalport, Irvona, Mahaffey, Chester Hill, DuBois and surrounding areas.

“There isn’t an official list yet, but parts of several roadways have been shut down,” Bigar said.  “We’ve been fielding calls and the fire departments are out there providing assistance.”

He added the Emergency Services Department is working with the American Red Cross to set up temporary shelters in Mahaffey and Chester Hill until water levels recede.

Bigar said the county isn’t experiencing “swift” water flooding, and the current conditions are due to the gradual rise of river and stream levels from the extended period of rainfall.

Residents are reminded to avoid traveling on flooded highways.

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