Throwback Thursday: West Decatur Baseball

(Provided photo)

Many residents still remember the exciting baseball games played by the Black Diamond League on the field above the railroad.

From any place in town, you could tell how the game was going by the shouts when the home team made a home run.

Among the players were the Husted brothers, Chester, Howard and Russell, Paul Deters, Alvy Turner, Clair and Ray Ritchey, Raymond McClure, Jack Goddisart, Fred Thompson, Teddy Lupton, Al Ramey, Willard Conrad, Kenneth Stonebraker, Herman Eckley, Hugh Croft, Bert Lumadue, Carl Stonebraker and others. Al Kester was the manager.

Now, there is the Little League that uses the Mills Memorial Field presented and dedicated with an impressive ceremony on May 31, 1952. The uniforms were donated by C.W. Thompson and Sons.

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