GANT Police Blotter

State police at Punxsutawney

  • State police received a report about child endangerment Aug. 8 on Sulgar Road in Pine Creek Township. According to police, two children – a 6-year-old and a 5-year-old – were abandoned and walking along the roadway. A passing motorist stopped and checked on the safety and well-being of the children; the motorist later contacted state police. Upon investigation, it was found a 54-year-old Brookville man had abandoned the children along the roadway without any regard for their safety. An arrest warrant was obtained and the man was taken into custody without incident. He’s facing criminal charges of endangering the welfare of children and recklessly endangering another person.

Clearfield Borough

  • Police received a report about a suspicious person on Daisy Street.
  • Police responded to an automatic alarm on Duke Street.
  • Police received a report about a known male who was attempting to enter parked vehicles on East Locust Street.
  • Police received a report about a suspicious person on Ogden Avenue.
  • Police arrested Patricia Soltesz, 52, Clearfield for allegedly violating an active Protection from Abuse order.

Lawrence Township

  • Police received a report about the alleged violation of a Protection from Abuse order that occurred Sunday in Hyde. Charges have been filed against 40-year-old Timothy Amon.
  • Police received a report about an incident of harassment that occurred Saturday in the Save A Lot parking lot. According to police, a 37-year-old Clearfield man repeatedly attempted to contact the victim at her workplace. After her shift, he allegedly showed up in the parking lot and operated his vehicle at a high rate of speed toward her and other employees before stopping abruptly. Police say he attempted to go after the victim, but she went back inside the store and he returned to his vehicle, kicking it before driving off. Charges are to be filed against him as a result of the incident.
  • Police received a report about child endangerment Monday at Lawrence Park Village. According to police, witnesses said a 7-year-old girl was asking her neighbors for food. She had reportedly been wearing the same clothes for the past few days. Additionally, police were advised the girl’s mother is “always sleeping and never takes care of her.” When police arrived on-scene with Children & Youth Services, the child was believed to be malnourished. Police found her mother had warrants and she was taken for arraignment; several others were residing at the apartment and found to have been trespassing.
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  1. Qualia

    “abandoned the children along the roadway without any regard for their safety” that’s a pretty incendiary statement considering we have not heard the other side of the situation.

    Violence? A beating? How do you in any way imagine a beating is better than what happened (we only have one side of the story here) and would solve anything, I’m guessing it would make YOU feel better and how YOU feel is the most important aspect here, right? Did your parents beat you? Do you always react violently to things you don’t like? Will we be reading about you soon? People who are raised in violence tend to BE violent, are you one of them?

    Am I being hard here? Yes! With good reason, physical violence is a shelter for the coward. let the law do it’s job and think about how you could HELP this man, whatever his malfunction.

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