LT Supers Discuss Several Items, OK Bid for Drainage Project

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors discussed several items during Tuesday’s meeting as well as opened bids for Phase 2 of the Good Street drainage project.

Five bids were received for the Good Street project and the low bid came from DJ Wisor and Sons of West Decatur at $168,830. The supervisors accepted the bid pending review by the engineer.

After an extensive executive session, the board voted to promote Gary Straw from a part-time seasonal worker to full-time road crew at $15.36 per hour and promoted officer Craig Kanour from part-time to full-time.

A resident of Park Avenue spoke to the board regarding an issue with his neighbor and an illegal septic tank. He said the problem began about two years ago and that it was put in without a permit or perc testing, but that a permit was obtained after the fact.

He has spoken with code enforcement and the county’s sewage enforcement agency and understood that the tank was to have been removed and the home connected to public sewer, but that hasn’t happened yet.

The resident claimed that with recent rains the septic system has been overflowing into his yard and the other neighbor’s yard. The supervisors promised to look into the matter.

Police Chief Doug Clark noted the department is continuing to receive calls about scams and the most recent has been someone calling regarding electric bills and asking for identifying information, such as account numbers, credit card numbers and so on.

He said if a resident receives a phone call and something doesn’t seem right about it, to hang up and call the police.

Solicitor James Naddeo informed the supervisors that two job postings for the township have appeared on the Web site,

He wrote to the company both times to have it removed, since they were not legitimate postings, and was told that the Web site would put a freeze on any future postings from the township.

Supervisor Jeremy Ruffner speculated that someone has created a fake account and posted the jobs and noted that Web sites like that have little policing to determine what jobs postings are legitimate.

Questions were raised regarding the fate of the old Bayer Building in Hyde, and the supervisors were asked if they planned to sell or tear down the building. The supervisors have no intention of tearing it down, and currently are not looking to sell.

However, because of the number of youth recreation activities that take place there, if the building were sold, a stipulation of the sale would be to continue allowing the youth activities.

Residents are reminded that when they mow lawns to direct the clippings into their yards and not onto the roadways. In addition to blocking stormwater flow, the clippings create a road hazard for motorcycles and bicycles and other vehicles.

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