Clearfield School Board to Consider Quotes for Storage Shed

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield school board will consider quotes for a proposed storage shed at the district’s elementary school campus.

At Monday night’s workshop meeting, Acting Superintendent Terry Struble reported three quotes had been received and should be ready for board review next week.

If approved, Struble said construction would get under way while school was in session. He didn’t believe it would be a lengthy project.

Also, the district received one garbage removal bid from Advanced Disposal. Business Administrator Sam Maney said the district could reject it, but he didn’t believe it would receive a better number.

Maney said garbage removal increased by $150 per month at the Clearfield Area Junior-Senior High School to $1,028 per month from September through June.

The cost would be $80 per pick-up in July and part of August, Struble said, because the district doesn’t have daily pick-ups. In the summer, he said they call when the dumpsters are full.

The recycling program would cost $120 per month at the CAJSHS from September through June. It would be $10 per pick-up in July and part of August.

At Clearfield Area Elementary School, garbage removal would cost $513.77 per month from September through June. It would be $80 per pick-up in July and part of August.

The recycling program would cost $40 per pick-up at the CAES from September through June and $10 per pick-up in July and part of August.

Maney said he would recommend for the board to approve the garbage removal bid next week. He also noted the district hasn’t had any problems with Advanced Disposal.

Board member Randy Pataky said when you figure the calculation per day, the garbage removal cost wasn’t a bad price. Maney and the district’s solicitor both agreed.

In other business, the district will be implementing new traffic policies for during the school day at both the junior-senior high and elementary school campuses.

At the CAJSHS, a chain will prohibit visitors’ access to the oval area. Visitors will then have to park and walk to the school’s office. Visitors will not be able to park in the oval and enter the school.

School administrators are still currently trying to identify ways to monitor and reduce traffic to the rear of the CAJSHS, which is often utilized by aides and cafeteria workers.

Struble said during the school day at CAES, visitors will not be able to pull up and park between the sidewalk areas. Instead, they will have to park in designated areas and walk to the school.

He said after buses load/unload, a chain will prohibit access during the day. He said at recess, it’s already common practice to secure the gates in that area of the campus.

Struble said the new traffic policies were recommended by the school resource officer and are to enhance security. He said these policies will be reviewed with parents at back-to-school nights.

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